Project Description

Legend NFPA 13D Pumps

(.75 – 3 hp)

This all stainless steel 13D Residential fire pump comes pre-mounted to a NFPA 13D standard baseplate with a commercial grade unidirectional, non-overloading motor with pressure switch. It also features a stainless lined pressure tank to minimize water hammer and cycling, along with a lockable control valve, liquid filled gauge and a real volute.

Legend Max NFPA 13D Pumps

(5 – 7.5 hp)

This all stainless steel 13D Residential fire pump comes pre-tested and pre-assembled, ready to install. The Legend Max 13D pump features a pre-wired, commercial grade non-reversing motor with adjustable overload protection and a lockable/indicating control valve as per NFPA 13D.

Legend Constant Pressure NFPA 13D Pumps

(.75 – 7.5 hp)

The Constant Pressure Legend 13D residential fire pump uses the highest quality components with simple, straightforward design that pre-fixes field issues. Specially designed for fire systems with lead free components for potable water.

Legend NFPA 13D Water Storage Tanks


The Legend 13D tanks for water storage are constructed of durable polyethylene comes in 29″ and 34″ width and ranges from 117 – 855 gallons. Our tanks include a 1″ auto fill valve with integral air gap, a 1½” overflow fitting and 1½” fitting for pump suction.

Failure is not an option for our full line of Legend 13D Pumps. They offer highest quality and dependability in residential fire protection.


Legend 13D Pumps are available through Viking SupplyNet